Women in Science and Engineering Reception

This seminar and reception will examine the contributions of women in Science and Engineering as well as delve into an understanding of why the numbers of women in the STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] disciplines continues to lag behind those of their male counterparts. Research on women's participation in the "hard" sciences such as physics and engineering suggests that a proportion of women "on track" to potentially becoming top scientists falls off at every step of the way, from getting interested in science and math in elementary school, through doctorate, postdoc, and career steps. The session will present the following facets, with ample time for discussion.

  • What works for women in undergraduate physics and engineering curricula?
  • Establishing women in Physics and Engineering Groups
  • The importance of Mentoring
  • The Role of Family Responsibilities
  • Support for Faculty-Work Life Balance

Speakers are still being identified. If you have something you would like to contribute on this topic, please contact Lorraine Day. Stand by for updates on this special reception.

Woman teaching geometry.
Illustration at the beginning of a medieval translation of Euclid's Elements, (c. 1310)