Sponsorship Opportunities

Available on a “first come, first served" basis.

Conference Bags $6000 Limit Two Sponsors

Display your company logo prominently on the side of the official conference bag which will be distributed to every registered delegate and exhibitor.

Deadline for bag sponsorship is December 19th 2011

Promotional Materials & Inserts for Conference Bags
Provide us with your company’s preprinted promotional materials and we will include them in the conference bags.

Conference Badge Lanyard $2500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo pen $1500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo highlighter $1500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo notepad $1500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo flashdrive $1500 Limited to one sponsor
Promo gifts $1500 Limited to three sponsors
Single printed sheet $1500 Unlimited Sponsors

All material for insertion into conference bags must be received by April 20th 2012.

No refunds or returns will be given for material received after April 20th and not inserted into conference bags.

IPAC'12 organizers reserve the right to decline promotional material deemed unacceptable in tone or character or that may detract from the scientific and educational nature of the conference.


Coffee Breaks $5000 Unlimited Sponsors

Coffee breaks will be served morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday, during the conference. Sponsors may choose as many coffee breaks as they would like to support. During each break we will prominently display signage bearing the sponsor’s name and logo.


Women in Science and Engineering Reception $1500 Unlimited Sponsors

Sponsors will have their corporate logo prominently displayed at the entrance to the reception.