About New Orleans

New Orleans lies at the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River, the largest River in the United States. Founded by the French in 1718, the city was built in a grid pattern to combat the high winds from hurricanes. This part of the city is now known as the French Quarter. After the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763, it was turned over to Spanish rule. A few years later, most the buildings were lost in two fires, so the Spanish rebuilt with bricks, and courtyards, as seen today.

Being a port city, New Orleans has a "gumbo" of influences and flavors. Along with the French and Spanish influences, there were settlers indigenous of Louisiana, like the Creoles and Cajuns, also from Cuba, Haiti, and other parts of the world. Later on would bring German, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Croatians, Filipinos, and Africans.

Some of the best chefs make their home in New Orleans. John Besh, Susan Spicer, Emeril Legasse, Paul Prudhomme, to name a few.

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